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State Enterprise   "Transport Construction and Rehabilitation"


The State Enterprise "Transport Construction&Rehabilitation" is the legal successor of the Military Railway Construction Troops and was established December 31, 2001, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of the Bulgarian National Assembly 'On the Transformation of the former Construction Troops, the Military Railway Construction Troops and the Troops of the Committee of Postal Services and Telecommunications' of the Ministry of Transport (published in the 'State Gazette', issue No 57/2000).

The State Enterprise was registered as provided by Article 62, 3 of the Commercial Law of this country. The State Enterprise "Transport Construction&Rehabilitation" has inherited the traditions of the former Military Railway Construction Troops.

They were founded 114 years ago by the Edict No 4/14.01.1888 of H.M. Kniaz Ferdinand I and have proved efficient in activities dealing with the exploitation, building up and reconstruction of railway lines and roads on the territory of the country and the area of the military operations during the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), World War I and on the side of the Allied Powers in World War II. Edict of H. M Prince Ferdinand I of the constituting of Transport Military Unit, January 1, 1888 In the years of peace after WWII tne Military Railway Construction Troops have been improved in compliance with the economic and military potential of Bulgarita.
They have proved expedient and successfully dealing with urgently needed projects that any other organization would feel competent enough to take up.
In the period 1965-1974 during the development and reconstruction of the railway infrastructure they have fulfilled the building and renewal of more than 1400 km of railway lines, the laying of over 3200 km of telephone and telegraph cable lines and the implementation of 244 different construction projects. In the following decades the Transport Troops were the main contractor of the modern railway infrastructure construction projects. They have performed the works on doubling and electrification of over 950 km ralways, the central renewal and maintainance of 7450 km of iron ways; they have built more than 40 km of roads, dozens of tramway and trolleybus lines; several hundred kilometers of new railroads were laid within the territory of the "Maritza-Iztok" Electric Power Plant. They are the main contractor at all stages of the Bulgarian Railway's "Rehabilitation Program".

Since the State Enterprise "Transport Construction and Reconstruction" is the successor of this traditions and experience it integrates the spesialized skills of its personnel with the high efficient modern technical equipment. It is available to perform and complete projects for both contract and subcontract works of safety and high-grade railway and road construction, renewal and all construction assembly works. The Enterprise disposes of a team for the participation in post-disaster and incident recuperation works in cases of natural calamities industrial accidents and catastrophes in every time on the territory of the country.



Edict of H. M Prince Ferdinand I of the constituting of Transport Military Unit, January 1, 1888

State Enterprise "Transport Construction and Rehabilitation"

Sofia 1271,
14 A, Kiril Blagoev Str.

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